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Report Assesses Hospital Visitation Policies

A new report assesses the visitation policies of acute care hospitals across New York.  

The New York Public Interest Research Group and New Yorkers For Patient and Family Empowerment scored the flexibility and quantity of visiting hours and graded website information regarding visitation at hospitals across New York.  The reportalso looks at whether the websites post details on patient’s right to choose visitors. New Yorkers For Patient and Family Empowerment  Director Suzanne Mattei found a wide variation in visitation policies between the 99 hospitals they surveyed.

New York Public Interest Research Group Legislative Counsel Russ Haven says visitation is now viewed as a support network for patients.

St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany ranked highest overall, but other hospitals scored well for the information on their website, including Ellis Hospital in Schenectady and the CVPH Medical Center in Plattsburgh.  CVPH ranked well overall, and Spokesman Mike Hildebran says they try to be as transparent as possible.

Albany Medical Center received mid-range scores for visiting flexibility and website information.  Spokesperson Sue Ford said the Medical Center had issued a statement in response.

The report found  that only eleven hospital websites posted information regarding the patient right to choose visitors regulation.  CVPH’s Mike Hildebran notes that in practice they are complying.