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New York Officials Seek Ways to Adapt to Climate Change

A report by NYSERDA: “Responding to Climate Change in NYS” was the focus of the conference in Tupper Lake.  Researchers explained that they not only looked at the impact of climate change across NY, but also assessed potential adaptation scenarios. NYSERDA Environmental Research Programs Manager Mark Watson says the climate is changing and even if all factors contributing to the changes stop tomorrow, the effects will linger for decades.

DEC Region 5 Regional Director Robert Stegeman says the empirical and actual observations confirm that the climate is changing.

NYSERDA’s Mark Watson explained that the state was divided into seven regions for the ClimAID report.

Key projections for New York State include an increase in sea level, increased warmth, heavier downpours, but more drought.  Traditional economic sectors such as the ski and maple industries are at risk as snow cover and precipitation change. The DEC’s Robert Stegeman says stakeholders must identify the possible economic repercussions of climate change.

Wild Center Executive Director Stephanie Ratcliffe is attending the “Planet Under Pressure” environmental conference in London and reported via Skype that attendees there are calling for scientific research to become actionable projects.