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Early Season Snow Impacts Local Tourism and Storm Recovery

By Pat Bradley


Plattsburgh, NY – A spokesman for New York State Emergency Management said they had not received any reports of problems in the wake of the snowfall. Although he could not be recorded, he did tell WAMC that the cold weather and snow would not stop disaster recovery efforts across the region, but it would slow down their work. He added that local government continues to work with the Governor's storm recovery task force and FEMA on continued recovery efforts. Essex County, New York Director of Emergency Services Don Jaquist.

In Vermont, the realization that winter would slow recovery progress has been on the minds of officials for weeks. Vermont Emergency Management Deputy Director Peter Coffey says they are nearly ready for winter weather.

A key concern since the storm is individual recovery and cleanup. Peter Coffey says they are in good shape insuring that people are in proper housing as the cold and snow arrives.

Lake Placid Convention and Visitors' Bureau and Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism Director of Communications Kim Riley says the early cold and snow allows the region's resorts to begin to physically prepare for the upcoming season.

Vermont Ski Areas' Association Spokesperson Jen Butson says at least one ski area plans to take advantage of the snow to try to help with storm recovery.

The deadline to register with FEMA for individual Irene assistance in New York is October 31st. In Vermont, the deadline is November 15th.