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U.S. Passport Agency Ends Walk-In Service At Vermont Office

The U.S. Passport Agency has ended its no appointment walk-in service at its Vermont office after it was overwhelmed by people seeking documents for overseas travel.
Dozens of travelers from throughout the Northeast had been traveling to the St. Albans office after getting word people could get passports on the spot.

The State Department said Thursday the Vermont Passport Agency had been offering appointment slots for no-shows and last-minute customers on its premises but has now discontinued that practice because of unintended safety and security consequences.

More than 20 people were lined up outside the office on Thursday in hopes of getting passports despite the policy change.

The State Department says the wait for a passport is currently between 12 weeks and 18 weeks, even if people pay for expedited processing. That’s because of ripple effects from the coronavirus pandemic that caused extreme disruptions to the process at domestic issuance facilities and overseas embassies and consulates.

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