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In House Run, Morse Backs Critics Of Housatonic Cleanup Plan

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse stands in front of microphones
Holyoke Mayor and congressional candidate Alex Morse.

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, who is challenging Congressman Richard Neal in the Democratic primary in the 1st Massachusetts House district, spoke in Berkshire County Tuesday. Morse is opposing a cleanup plan mediated between communities along the Housatonic River and General Electric by the EPA. The plan, announced in February, will be the latest cleanup effort on the waterway and a 13-year, multimillion dollar undertaking. GE dumped chemicals into the river for decades from a Pittsfield plant in the mid-20th century. Neal supports the plan. Morse tells WAMC why he’s joining locals in protesting the creation of a new landfill for hazardous chemicals in the county.

The Neal campaign responded in a statement to WAMC : “This was an agreement negotiated by local town officials over many years, so it’s ridiculous that Alex Morse is chasing a headline by telling local electeds what to do now. If Alex spent more time doing his day job then the state wouldn’t have taken over Holyoke Public Schools -- something he is actually directly responsible for, despite his efforts to pass the buck."

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