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Independent Vermont Gubernatorial Candidate Charles Laramie Discusses Campaign

Charles Laramie
Charles Laramie for Governor
Charles Laramie

During a recent debate in Rutland between the two major party candidates for Vermont governor, Charles Laramie shouted from the audience his frustration about the exclusion of minor party candidates from that and other forums. He was subsequently escorted out of the theater. Laramie is a U.S. Navy and Air National Guard veteran, retired teacher and independent candidate for Vermont governor.  He says he entered the race because he believes state leaders are not acknowledging problems or creating real solutions.
“I had met with Governor Scott. I had written a letter saying I could no longer teach and I explained to him you know what the problems were with the school, what we needed to do, and about a month later he was still talking the same things and so at that point in time I just decided if I was going to create some change then I was going to have to take part.”  

Seven candidates are running for Vermont governor according to the Secretary of State’s office: Independents Charles Laramie, Cris Ericson, and Trevor Barlow, Democrat Christine Hallquist, Republican Phil Scott, the Liberty Union Party’s Emily Peyton and the Earth Rights Party’s Stephen Marx.

Extended conversation with Independent Vermont gubernatorial candidate Charles Laramie

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