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Plainfied Will Vote On Resolutions To Protect Bees

Residents of Plainfield, Massachusetts will vote on a resolution at a Town Meeting Saturday to make their town a Pollinator-Friendly Community. 

Chair of the Plainfield Agricultural Commission Anna Hanchett says pollinators, like bees, are essential to growing crops.

A species of bee was recently placed on the endangered species list.

Hanchett says if the resolution passes, Plainfield will encourage the adoption of policies and practices that support pollinator health by minimizing the use of insecticides.

“But it is a nationwide movement – it is not just one little town here in Massachusetts. We are part of a puzzle.”

Massachusetts and several other states have been considering bills restricting the use of pesticides damaging to pollinators.

The Plainfield Town Meeting starts May 6th at 1 p.m.

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