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Vermont Natural Resources Secretary Discusses Statewide Listening Tour

Vermont Secretary of Natural Resources Julie Moore
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
Vermont Secretary of Natural Resources Julie Moore

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources oversees three departments: Fish and Wildlife; Forests, Parks and Recreation; and Environmental Conservation.  In December, then Governor-elect Phil Scott announced Julie Moore would be appointed secretary of the agency.  She is the former Director of the Clean and Clear program in Governor Jim Douglas’ administration and chair of the Vermont Community Advisory Committee on Lake Champlain.  Secretary Julie Moore explains why one of her first actions was to undertake her recently completed statewide listening tour.“With a change of administration I think a lot of members of our community see it as an opportunity to relook and revisit programs and processes, particularly places, where there may be friction or they’ve had a frustrating experience. And we felt rather than you know sort of focusing on the ones that were brought immediately to our attention it was important to go out and talk to the public, to the people who regularly have business before the agency and hear from them directly.  What concerns they had, where they saw that things were going well and where they saw there was opportunities for improvement.”

A summary report on the tour is planned.  Secretary Moore intends to do more tours in different geographic locations in Vermont.

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