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Burlington Police Chief Discusses Community Policing

Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo

Immediately following the mass killing of police officers in Dallas, Burlington, Vermont Police Chief Brandon del Pozo wrote impassioned comments on his personal Facebook page calling for “the cycles of violence and hate” to stop and for everyone to be a part of the solution.  The comments got national attention as the country once again grappled with a simmering debate over the role of police in our communities.

Del Pozo was hired as Burlington’s police chief last September.  He previously served in the New York City Police Department and during that time he spent two years as an Intelligence Officer for the NYPD in the Middle East.  He is an advocate of community policing and explains how the Burlington department is implementing President Obama’s 21st Century Policing recommendations.
Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo has multiple degrees including masters in criminal justice and public administration. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in philosophy.

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