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Berkshire Native Embarking On Statewide Canoe Trip In Support Of Clean Water

This is a picture of Denny Alsop working on his canoe
Facebook: Denny Alsop
Denny Alsop working on his canoe

A member of the Housatonic River Initiative is leaving Monday for a month-long canoe trip across Massachusetts to raise awareness of the importance of clean water.Departing Sheffield with two paddles, a pole, tent and a sleeping bag, 69-year-old Denny Alsop will travel on more than 10 rivers on his way to Boston. The trip is a repeat of a journey he took in 1988. This one comes as General Electric and the EPA are at odds over cleanup plans for the Housatonic River.

“We’re at the last best moment here to get what we need for the future,” Alsop said. “I think this is the time to pull together and see what we can do for our river.”

Listen Denny Alsop explain why he is taking this journey and detail his 1988 experience.

Alsop plans to reach Boston April 21.

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