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Neal Says Plane Bombing Should Be Wake-Up Call For Putin

Jim Levulis
Congressman Richard Neal (D-Mass.)

Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal says the suspected bombing of the Russian passenger plane over Egypt by ISIS terrorists could change the response Russia has had towards the group.Neal says there is an understanding that the threat of ISIS is not about to recede adding that the radical Islamic fundamentalism the group practices needs to be confronted by European countries and the Arab nations that surround the organization.

“So I think that this is a wake-up call for Vladimir Putin,” Neal said. “Hopefully now, rather than trying to stake out his own territory in Syria, he’ll find common purpose with the United States, NATO and the Arab League in addressing the atrocities that ISIS is committing.”

Speaking with reporters in Pittsfield Monday, the Democrat says he will continue to support American air strikes in Syria, but is not ready to commit troops.

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