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Executive Director Departing Amid Lenox Library Leadership Restructuring

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The Lenox Library board has decided to remove the organization’s executive director as part of what it’s calling a proactive leadership restructuring.Sharon Hawkes is leaving as the library’s executive director, a position she’s held since 2010. Twenty-year staff veteran Amy Lafave is now acting library director. Selectman Dave Roche is one of 16 board members. While details are still being worked out, he says the library will need a development director-type position.

“I would characterize it more as realizing the situation that we’re in financially, knowing that we have to raise a certain number of dollars every year in order to be viable and then coming up with a new plan on how to do that.” 

Roche says the move had nothing to do with Hawkes’ performance and does not characterize it as a firing. He credited Hawkes, who did not respond to a request for comment, for restoring community trust in the library following financial struggles.

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