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Vermont Yankee Officials Launch TV Show Detailing Closure

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
NRC/Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Officials at the now-closed Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in Vernon have launched a monthly television show to tell the public about progress cleaning up the facility.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports "SAFSTOR Matters" is taped at Brattleboro Community Television's station, and the show is available on BCTV and Entergy's local website.

Entergy administrators have promised to be open about the decommissioning process.

The show aims to fulfill that promise, but it's also a way for Entergy to communicate with viewers without the opposition the company encounters.

The program's namesake is the federal term for an extended period of dormancy that precedes actual decommissioning.

Vermont Yankee is headed into decades of SAFSTOR until the plant's decommissioning fund grows to the estimated $1.2 billion needed to dismantle the plant.

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