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Boston Travel Company Seeking Survivors Of Nepal Earthquake

Facebook: Global Rescue

A Boston-based travel risk and crisis management firm says about 50 of its clients are still unaccounted for after an earthquake hit Nepal.The 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Kathmandu over the weekend, setting off avalanches on Mount Everest. As of Monday, the death toll had reached more than 4,000.

Global Rescue, a company that helps coordinate rescue, evacuation, medical, and security operations for travelers, says some of its clients had been attempting to scale Mount Everest and other regional peaks but were camping above where the avalanches started.

Spokeswoman Ann Shannon says the company believes most clients are simply out of reach of communications or sheltering in place. She says Global Rescue personnel in Nepal are trying to get in touch with their clients while helping with the disaster response.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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