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Dance And Fractions? Jacob's Pillow Curriculum Program Aims To Teach Math


Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival is showcasing a final performance for the latest edition of its Curriculum in Motion program. In the program, third graders at Pittsfield’s Conte Community School engaged in dance to better understand mathematical fractions.Over the past two weeks, Jacob’s Pillow artist-educator Kimberli Boyd has instructed 40 third graders in dance choreography designed to help the children visually understand fractions. The Pillow’s education director J.R. Glover says its starts with the basics of numerator and denominator.

“So we come up with lovely, varied reaching high movements to remember that the numerator is on the top and the denominator, which happens to begin with ‘D’ is a downward movement,” explained Glover. 

The students will perform their dance at 9:30 Friday morning at Conte Community School.

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