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Biologists Say Fishing Impact Of New Lake Invasive Mild

Spiny Water Flea
NE Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel photo/Vermont Fish and Wildlife

Vermont fisheries biologists say a new invasive species found in Lake Champlain is not expected to have a major impact on fishing in the lake.

Scientists confirmed this summer that the spiny water flea has been found in Lake Champlain.

The aquatic invasive is native to Eurasia. It arrived in the Great Lakes in ballast water in the 1980s. It competes with native species for food and can foul fishing lines but poses no threat to humans.

Vermont Fisheries Biologist Shawn Good says the spiny water flea has had some impact on the Great Lakes, but it has not hurt fish populations as much as once feared. For anglers he says it's been a minor inconvenience.

He says the impact could be dramatic if they reach smaller, inland lakes.

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