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Police Say FBI Ex-Director Freeh Likely Fell Asleep In Crash

Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Vermont police say former FBI Director Louis Freeh likely fell asleep and drifted across the road before the car crash last week that severely injured him.

Police said Wednesday that Freeh doesn't remember why he crashed in Barnard on Aug. 25. Police say his lack of memory, the circumstances of the crash and lack of mechanical problem means Freeh likely fell asleep.

Police have said drugs and alcohol weren't factors in the crash. They say they didn't consider if Freeh was using a cellphone before the crash and didn't examine his phone because the accident wasn't consistent with one of a distracted driver; no brake or swerve marks were left.

Police say Freeh won't be charged.

The New Hampshire hospital where he is being treated wouldn't comment on his condition.

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