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Legislators Seek PAC Restrictions

A group of Vermont legislators announced Thursday that they will introduce legislation to require greater transparency from Political Action Committees operating in the state.
The nine Republicans and one Democrat have crafted legislation targeting PACs and Super-PACs in Vermont.  They are calling for mandatory monthly filing deadlines during an election year and online campaign finance reporting. The legislation includes disclosure requirements of a PAC’s key donors and  identification of single or large donors in their advertisements.

The Vermont Public Interest Research Group has been calling for greater PAC financial disclosure requirements. Executive Director Paul Burns says many of the provisions outlined in the legislation are good, but he would like to see it go further.

The Priorities PAC was one of the first of the political committees created in Vermont.  Co-Founder Bob Stannard stumbled upon the legislators at the Statehouse as they were outlining their proposal.

Vermont Republican Party Chair Jack Lindley is enthusiastic about the proposed legislation.

Vermont Democratic Party Chair Jake Perkinson says they advocated for transparency throughout the election cycle, and he is encouraged that others are now moving in the same direction.

The legislation will be formally submitted next week.

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