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Westchester Creates Program To Help Residents Start Home-Based Ventures

COVID-19 impacts businesses
Courtesy of the Westchester County Office of Economic Development
COVID-19 impacts businesses

In New York, Westchester County has a new program to help residents develop a home-based income stream.

It’s called the Launch1000 program and is among a series of programs the county has been rolling out since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March to help the business community. The county’s Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Deborah Novick details the fully remote program.

“There are online tools and training; coaching and mentoring; weekly workshops; feedback from experts; and there will be lots of introductions to local economic organizations, experts, individuals who can help you launch your business and help you build a network in the business community that will be part of your future support once the program ends,” Novick says.

She says laptops will be provided to those without online access.

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