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NYS Lawmaker Wants PSC To Study Putting Power Lines Underground

Tropical Storm Isaias damage in the Hudson Valley
Courtesy of Central Hudson
Tropical Storm Isaias damage in the Hudson Valley

In light of the widespread power outages from Tropical Storm Isais, a New York state Assemblyman from the Hudson Valley is calling for a study.

Democratic state Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson of Newburgh is introducing legislation for the Public Service Commission to embark upon a study on the feasibility and costs of burying power lines throughout New York. Jacobson says the cost of burying power lines pales in comparison to the inconvenience and costs to individuals and businesses every time there is a major storm that results in an outage. Some utility companies say despite several storms where power lines get knocked out of commission, it is expensive to bury lines and doing so could carry negative environmental impacts and logistical issues.

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