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NYS Senator Wants To Allow Voting By Mail During Emergencies


A New York state senator from the Hudson Valley has introduced a bill to allow voting by mail during a time of emergency.

Democratic state Senator Jen Metzger’s legislation would require the state Board of Elections to create a plan for the use of a vote-by-mail election system during a time of emergency, such as during a disease outbreak or natural disaster. This would allow New Yorkers to cast their June 2020 ballots by mail should the COVID-19 pandemic continue. Metzger, of the 42nd District, says all eligible voters would automatically receive a ballot in the mail. She says Colorado, Oregon and Washington use vote-by-mail systems for all elections. Metzger’s bill would require the state Board of Elections to have a vote-by-mail plan in place by May 1, to allow time for implementation in the June 2020 primaries.

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