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Rep. Delgado Sponsors Bill To Increase Aid For Nontraditional College Students

New York Congressman Antonio Delgado has introduced legislation to boost financial aid and support for working and nontraditional students. The hope is to increase college access without saddling students with debt.

Congressman Delgado says the bipartisan bill he sponsors would provide appropriate aid to non-traditional students who must work while pursuing their degree or take time off to care for family, among other things. The 19th District Democrat says the Strengthening Financial Aid for Students Act, also known as Strengthening FAFSA, would allow more students to access higher education by extending students’ lifetime Pell Grant eligibility from 12 semesters to 14 semesters. It would also raise the allowable income threshold for aid eligibility, or the income protection allowance, by 35 percent. The American Federation of Teachers; the National Education Association; and the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators endorse the legislation.

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