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NYS Lawmaker Aims To Close Loopholes For Ammunition Purchases

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A New York state assemblymember will be introducing two measures to close loopholes pertaining to ammunition purchases. She is doing so prompted by details that have emerged from the August 4 mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Democratic Assemblymember Amy Paulin of Scarsdale says her attention is on so-called straw purchases of ammunition, or the purchase of ammunition for individuals who would not be legally allowed to purchase it themselves. Paulin says that though New York is one of the few states to require a background check on the purchase of ammunition itself, there is no corresponding law to prevent the straw purchase of ammunition, and she will introduce a bill to amend a section of the Penal Law to make straw purchases of ammunition a crime. Paulin says she also will amend a bill she introduced in January aimed at making it more difficult for criminals to buy guns. She will redefine straw purchases and make it clear that the bill will apply to the purchase of ammunition as well.

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