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NYS Assemblymember Highlights His Local Bills

NYS Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson

Democrat Jonathan Jacobson has wrapped up his first session as a New York state assemblyman. The former Newburgh city councilmember says he is proud of his work and is looking forward to next year’s session.

Jacobson represents the 104th Assembly District, a seat formerly held by Democrat Frank Skartados, who died from pancreatic cancer in April 2018. The district includes the cities of Beacon, Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, and the towns of Newburgh, Marlborough, and Lloyd. While the Democrat-led legislature passed many progressive measures this year, there are a number of issues to revisit next session, including whether to legalize recreational marijuana.

Jacobson speaks to local legislation that did pass.

Democrat James Skoufis carried the bill in the Senate and Republican Colin Schmitt was a co-sponsor in the Assembly. The Newburgh Enlarged City School District and Chester Union Free School District were being penalized due to administrative oversight and clerical errors from many years ago, which led to exorbitant fees and fines, including $3.3 million for the Chester School District.

Jacobson also heralds legislation pertaining to Poughkeepsie city schools.  The Excelsior Scholarship is the state’s program for middle-class families and individuals who need to meet certain criteria to attend college tuition-free at all CUNY and SUNY schools.

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo on July 3 signed the first bill Jacobson sponsored. Now, county boards of elections will no longer be required to have perforated ballots with numbered stubs, provided that alternative accountability measures are undertaken in accordance with state Board of Election’s rules. Jacobson, chair of the Election Day Operations subcommittee, says the measure updates the Election Law and enables county boards of election to use new technology for greater efficiency and costs savings.

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