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Sanctuary Goat Is The First To Receive A 3D Printed Valve

A rescued goat at a farm sanctuary in Ulster County, New York, is the first goat to receive a 3-D printed valve for her abdomen. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne visited Woodstock Farm Sanctuary over the weekend.

Oreo is 9-year-old goat who likes to hang out with her goat friend Brownie. Before being given the green light to mingle with others after her procedure, Oreo was watching free-roaming sheep from her isolation pen. After two escapes to free roam with the sheep, Shelter Director Hervé Breuil says Oreo’s day came May 10, to be among 18 sheep and a few goats, including her pal Brownie.

That’s Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Executive Director Rachel McCrystal.

They say the bill to this point totals well over $5,000. And there will be more costs. Oreo managed to pull off the cap and a new one is being designed, kid proof, as it were.

The valve was produced by RapidMade, a technology company based in Portland, Oregon.

While I was at the High Falls-based Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, I inquired about Fawn, a 6-year-old Jersey cow I’d met in July. Fawn had reportedly been the first cow in the United States outfitted with a new type of brace to help straighten one of her legs and improve her mobility. While giving the custom prosthetic a go early on, Breuil says Fawn ultimately sent the message that the brace was not for her.

I also had met Woody, a dairy calf, when at the sanctuary in July. He and his brother Colin were about 60 pounds each at the time. 

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