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Woodstock Implements New Rules For Single-Use Plastics

Plastic straws
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A town board in New York’s Hudson Valley recently passed a resolution to reduce multiple single-use plastic items, and a few other disposables. And phase one of implementation began earlier this week, on Earth Day.

The Woodstock Town Board had unanimously passed the “Rethinking Disposables” resolution, becoming the Hudson Valley’s first town to reduce multiple single-use plastic items along with single-use chopsticks and paper coffee cups. The bill cites the climate crisis, the crisis of plastics overproduction and economic costs as reasons behind the resolution. During phase one, which began April 22, all businesses must avoid providing or inserting straws or stirrers unless the customer asks, and also must “Ask First” regarding single-use plastic cups, paper coffee cups, plastic cutlery and more. The second phase entails phasing in reusables.