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Yonkers Mayor To Establish Women's Advisory Board

Courtesy of the City of Yonkers/Office of Mayor Mike Spano

The mayor of Yonkers is establishing a Women’s Advisory Board. The Board’s goal will be to advise the mayor on issues that affect the quality of life for women in the city.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano announced on Wednesday that the Board will create and recommend policies, programs and projects in the city, where women make up about 52 percent of the population. The goal is to eliminate discrimination and improve opportunities for women and their families. He says the Board will consist of up to nine members, city residents who shall serve two year terms. Spano, a Democrat, says the new board comes as, “Now more than ever, women are enacting change and empowerment.” Spano is expected to announce who has been selected for the Board in March.

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