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Parties Formally Withdraw Contentions About Indian Point

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
Wiki Commons

With Indian Point set to close in four years, the parties involved in the nuclear power plant’s initial license renewal hearing have filed a motion to withdraw any remaining contentions and end the hearing, as planned.

New York state and Riverkeeper submitted the motion to the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board after reaching an agreement with Entergy in January to close the plant by 2021. In addition, Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Neil Sheehan says there is a provision for Entergy to continue to move fuel from the spent fuel pool into dry cask storage at a rate of least four casks per year.

“This would basically bind the company to continue to load these casks so that when the  time of decommissioning rolls around, they will have made a significant dent in getting fuel out of the pools and into these dry cask storage units.”

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