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West Point Cadet Is Acquitted Of Sexual Assault

Courtesy of USMA Public Affairs, Wikimedia Commons

A West Point cadet has been acquitted of sexually assaulting a fellow cadet he was dating.

A panel of five Army officers reached a not-guilty verdict Saturday in the military trial of Cadet Lukas Saul. The 23-year-old Saul had been charged with violations under the Uniform Code of Military Justice involving inappropriate contact with a cadet without her consent three times in 2012. Saul, of Ithaca, didn't graduate with his class last year and has been on administrative leave since August. The accuser is now an Army second lieutenant. The charges against Saul carried a maximum punishment of dismissal from the Army, forfeiture of pay and confinement for life. The verdict came after a three-day court-martial.

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