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HV Lawmaker Supports Governor's Ethics Reform Proposals

Allison Dunne

An assemblyman from the Hudson Valley supports New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposals for ethics reforms, but would like to see at least one go even further, especially following corruption convictions of various lawmakers.

Governor Cuomo in his January 13 state-of-the-state address called for limiting outside income as one portion of ethics reform. Democratic Assemblyman James Skoufis would like to see even stronger wording.

“I support a ban on outside income. The governor proposed a congressional model, if you will, which is 15 percent of the salary is what you’re allowed to make as outside income. I think that’s the least we can do,” says Skoufis. “I think we should be moving in the direction of trying to get as much of this outside income out of the legislature as possible.”

Cuomo also called for the legislature to close the LLC loophole this year, a move Skoufis says it’s just common sense.

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