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NY Congressman To Introduce Anti-Swatting Act

Courtesy of the Office of Congressman Eliot Engel

A New York Congressman whose district includes portions of Westchester County will introduce a bill Monday to combat “swatting.”

Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel will introduce on Monday the Anti-Swatting Act, a bill that would enhance penalties for people who falsify their caller ID information to mislead law enforcement. In addition, the bill would force swatters to reimburse the emergency services that responded to the false emergency. Engel says there have been two incidents in his district, one in Rye and another just a few weeks ago in Eastchester, during which swatting required first-responders to waste their time and residents’ tax dollars. Swatting is named for the SWAT teams that are frequently deployed in response to these phony emergency calls.

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