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No Demolition Work To Begin On Gov Center Before July

Joseph, flickr

The matter of a temporary restraining order concerning the planned demolition of a portion of the Orange County government center came before a judge Friday.

Attorney Michael Sussman had asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent demolition work on the architecturally significant government center until a lawsuit he filed in March is decided. Though the judge did not issue such an order, Sussman called the day in court successful as the county will not start any demolition before July 1.

“So basically we have the demolition on hold now,” says Sussman. “And we hope to continue that hold after July 1, the date that they have indicated they would not start before.”

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus, against whom Sussman filed suit, also called the court action successful, for different reasons. Neuhuas says the ruling was in favor of county government by not granting an official restraining order. He now has directed county attorneys to prepare papers requesting dismissal of the entire case.

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