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Police Say Officer's Bullet Killed Gunman In Rockland

Courtesy of the Clarkstown Police Department

Police say a gunman barricaded inside a Rockland County, New York home was shot and killed as he fired on the officers surrounding him.

Clarkstown police identify the man as 57-year-old Vincent Cordaro, of New City. They say they went to Cordaro's home on North Little Tor Road Sunday night after three relatives reported he was intoxicated had threatened to shoot them and any police officers that came to the house. The police say that when officers arrived, Cordaro shot at them several times and hit a neighboring house. They say that when hours of negotiations failed to get Cordaro to surrender, officers used gas to try to force him out and Cordaro shot at the officers deploying the gas. They say one officer fired back, killing Cordaro. Police say they recovered a 308 rifle, shotgun, and significant amount of ammunition from the home. An investigation is under way.

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