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PSC Decides On United Water's Rockland Project

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USDA/Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

The New York State Public Service Commission Thursday told a water company to halt its pursuit of a desalination plant in Rockland County.

The Public Service Commission directed United Water New York to walk away from plans to build a desalination plant along the Hudson River in Rockland County, known as the Haverstraw Water Supply Project. The PSC reasoned there was no longer an immediate need for a new water supply source. The PSC also denied United Water’s request to implement a surcharge to recover development costs related to the proposed plant. George Potanovic is with the Rockland Water Coalition.

“They made the right decision regarding that there’s not a need for the proposed desalination plant and that the surcharge would not be levied against the ratepayers of Rockland County,” says Potanovic. “So we’re very happy with the PSC decision.”

In an e-mailed statement, a United Water spokeswoman says the company looks forward to working with all the stakeholders to develop a plan to meet the county’s water needs.

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