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HV Congressman Releases First TV Ad

A New York congressman in a closely-watched race is releasing his first television ad. His opponent is hitting back.

Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s campaign has released its first ad for television, which was slated to begin airing September 9th on Hudson Valley cable stations. It’s called “Dad.”

“My dad is a disabled veteran. I think the proudest day of my life was when I walked him into the Oval Office to meet my boss, President Clinton. These men taught me what it means to serve your country. Later when I built my business I was proud to create good jobs so folks like my mom and dad could work hard and make it in the middle class.”

November marks a rematch in the 18th district between Maloney and former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, a Republican.

“His emphasis obviously, he’s very proud of it, he’s a career bureaucrat,” Hayworth says. “And that’s really one of the key messages out of his ad, ‘Hi, I’m a career politician; I’m a career bureaucrat; I’m proud of that’.”

The ad does mention that Maloney, who describes himself as a Bill Clinton Democrat, built a small business. Hayworth, a retired ophthalmologist, says she recognizes that, but maintains that Maloney puts himself forth primarily as a bureaucrat. Ads from Hayworth are forthcoming.

“We are going to be coming out with ads and my message is always that, you know what, I’m not a career politician and I am not a career bureaucrat,” says Hayworth. “I am a doctor, a mother, a small businesswoman. I practiced for 20 years and took care of patients. I know what it’s like to run a small business.”

Maloney’s ad continues like this:

“Families here in the Hudson Valley deserve a government on their side that rewards hard work so their kids can have a better future. That’s what I fight for every day.”

Maloney’s campaign last week launched print web ads and automated calls hammering what the congressman alleges is Hayworth’s previous inaction to stem rising energy costs, specifically, what led to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s implementation of a new capacity zone in the Hudson Valley, which took effect earlier this year and has resulted in higher electric bills. Hayworth says she did take action.

“I mean the facts are indisputable and Mr. Maloney’s trying to rewrite history there,” says Hayworth. “The fact is that in 2011 I voted to restrain FERC and every federal regulator.”

She says she did this by voting in favor of the REINS Act, or Regulation from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act. She says it would have prevented FERC from implementing the new capacity zone without first seeking congressional approval. In 2013, Maloney voted no for the REINS Act, which did pass the House. He alleges Hayworth’s inaction regarding the new capacity zone.

“She did zero on this, zip, nada, not a thing while she was in Congress, and is showing up a day late and a dollar short with this silly explanation about the REINS Act, which is a terrible bill, Tea Party fantasy all the way, would destroy all sorts of health and safety regulation and wouldn’t even apply to the FERC action in question,” says Maloney.

He says the REINS Act only covers major rules and would have had no effect on the capacity zone decision. Maloney says it was under Hayworth’s watch, in September 2011, when FERC accepted the new capacity zone proposal. Hayworth says it was under Maloney’s watch when FERC defined the zone and attached the rate hikes. Meanwhile, Maloney this year fought to reverse the capacity zone’s implementation and continues that fight today. The capacity zone issue was raised in August, when Maloney and Hayworth presented their platforms during a Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce event. 

The 18th District includes all of Orange and Putnam Counties and parts of Dutchess and Westchester Counties.

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