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Kiryas Joel Files Suit Over Proposed Casino In Woodbury

WAMC, Allison Dunne

Less than two weeks after filing suit to halt a proposed casino project in one location, an Orange County village has filed a second lawsuit pertaining to another casino proposal in the county.

The Village of Kiryas Joel filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Woodbury town and village officials, Caesars Entertainment and partner Flaum Management and others, alleging failure to consider the environmental impact of a casino project. Paul Larrabee is spokesman for Kiryas Joel, which is near the site of Ceasars’ proposed casino.

“What is asserted in the suit is that there were commitments made by the Village and the Town of Woodbury that exceeded simple community support for the project,” says Larrabee. “They included commitments of specific resources.”

He says those commitments were made without state-mandated environmental review. Caesers Spokeswoman Jan Jones Blackhurst says it is unfortunate that the Village of Kiryas Joel is seeking to circumvent the will of the people in an attempt to block economic growth, tax revenue and new funding for schools in Orange County and throughout the State of New York.

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