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Resolution On Indian Point Can Appear Next Year

Tony Fischer, flickr

A resolution concerning the Indian Point nuclear power plant put forth by a Hudson Valley resident will return to Entergy’s annual shareholder meeting next year.

March Gallagher of Ulster County needed at least 3 percent of the total votes on the measure to enable her resolution to return to Indian Point parent Entergy’s agenda next year. Gallagher says she had purchased Entergy shares to be able to introduce her resolution to decommission Westchester County-based Indian Point.

“So I got 3 percent. I’m really excited about that,” says Gallagher. “I’m definitely going back next year. Next year the hurdle, under SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] rules, jumps to 6 percent. So I’m urging residents of the Hudson Valley to buy a share of Entergy and to vote for my resolution next year.”

Regarding Gallagher’s resolution, Entergy Nuclear spokesman Jerry Nappi has said Indian Point is vital to New York as a low-cost, reliable power provider.

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