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Seeger Resolution Passed But Not Without Disagreement


The New York state Assembly Thursday passed a resolution to honor the life of legendary folk musician and activist Pete Seeger. An assemblyman from the Hudson Valley spoke in defense of Seeger after another assemblyman spoke in opposition to the resolution.

Democratic Assemblyman Kevin Cahill says he defended the honor and reputation of Pete Seeger from attacks by another assemblyman.  It was upstate Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay who spoke on the floor saying he could not support a resolution honoring Seeger.

“Let us not ignore his politics. His politics were to support authoritarian regimes around the world who slaughtered tens of millions of the helpless.”

Here’s Cahill:

“And unlike the previous speaker, I’ll give the facts on Pete Seeger.”

Cahill says Nojay misstated Seeger's affiliation with the Communist Party and suggested that Vietnam War protests in which Seeger participated were unpatriotic.

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