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Governor Cuomo Calls For Investigation Into Anti-Semitism Allegations

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants state police and human rights officials to investigate allegations of anti-Semitism in a Hudson Valley school district.

Governor Cuomo Friday directed the State Police and Division of Human Rights to investigate what he called serious allegations of anti-Semitic harassment, physical attacks, and intimidation at the Pine Bush Central School District. The district serves some 5,600 students from seven townships in Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan Counties. Cuomo says the public has a right to know the truth, and parents across the state have the right to know that their children can attend school without fear of this alleged reprehensible behavior. The governor’s call follows a November 7 article in The New York Times, which reports that three Jewish families last year sued the school district and its administrators, seeking damages. The Times reports that the families also seek an end to what they call pervasive anti-Semitism and indifference by school officials. The Times article says the district is vigorously contesting the suit.

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