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Rockland County Executive-Elect Wants Pay Cuts For Elected County Officials

Courtesy of the Rockland County executive's office

The Rockland County executive-elect is already trying to deliver on one of his campaign promises -- cutting the salaries of elected county officials.

Republican Rockland County Legislator and County Executive-Elect Ed Day wants to get to work right away on some of him campaign issues.

And here’s one he began the day after he won Tuesday’s race.

He has to address such cuts differently, depending on the position.

He also wants to cut the salaries of those in high-level county government positions, such as commissioners.

His proposal came during a county legislature meeting Wednesday evening. Democratic Chairwoman Harriet Cornell says there was debate not on the proposal’s substance, but procedure, as his proposal had not gone through the usual legislative process for raising new business.

Day says he withdrew his resolution not only because of procedure, but because it only addressed cuts to the salaries of the county executive and county clerk when he is seeking more. He says he has since straightened out the matter and Day’s proposal will follow the usual legislative process. Again, here’s Cornell.

The issue of pay for elected county officials is not new on Day’s agenda.

He says elected officials should lead by example, and be part of Rockland’s fiscal solutions.

He says any cuts would have to be approved by the legislature.

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