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Amo Opposes Full Year Valley View Funding

PJ Johnson/flickr

GOSHEN – Orange County Legislator Michael Amo (I-1) may be the lone holdout when lawmakers vote to fund the county’s Valley View nursing home for a full year in 2014.

County Executive Edward Diana only allocated funding for the first four months of the year and Amo, who is chairman of the Health Committee, which has already voted in favor of full year funding, said given the fact that a new county executive and legislature will be coming into office in January, the county should investigate a new model to operate Valley View.

“I think it is appropriate to say to them that you have four months to take action and if you can’t you can take money out of surplus to continue it while you are working on it," Amo said.  “To give them a full year budget only gives them a full year respite to not worry about it and I thought it was better to give them the opportunity to get to some kind action that turns this thing into the kind of facility that it should be or we sell it.”

Amo is in favor of privatizing Valley View as is Diana, who earlier said he would veto any attempt by lawmakers to fund the facility for the year.