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Bronx Man Is Convicted Of Robberies In The Hudson Valley

A New York City man has been convicted of firearm and robbery offenses, including in the Hudson Valley.

A 32-year-old Bronx man was convicted of 11 robbery and firearm counts, including for armed robberies in Dutchess and Westchester Counties. According to the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, in October 2010, Louis, otherwise known as “Lou Diamond” McIntosh and co-conspirators robbed a card game at a men’s club in Poughkeepsie during which McIntosh pistol-whipped two victims and discharged a firearm. In April 2010, the U.S. attorney says McIntosh and others robbed narcotics dealers in Yonkers. McIntosh also was convicted of an armed robbery at a business owner’s home on Long Island. He faces a maximum of life in prison when he is sentenced in November.

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