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Lowey Wants To Know Why Pump Prices Are Rising

person pumping gas

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D, NY16) wants to know why gasoline pump prices, which appeared to have stabilized and even dropped slightly earlier this summer, have risen again.

Lowey notes that oil company profits continue to climb at a time when people holding minimum wage jobs cannot afford to drive to work.

The House member said part of a solution is to require higher gas mileage on automobiles.

“We clearly need to have more cars raising the mileage,” Lowey said, pointing to some are getting as much as 53 miles per gallon voluntarily. “We still need to keep the pressure on; I want to know why the prices keep going up.”

With an increase in sales of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, gas consumption has gone down to a degree, with some analysts saying that is a partial reason for higher pump prices.