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Indian Point And Vermont Yankee Are Included In Entergy Job Cuts

WAMC/Allison Dunne

Entergy Corporation has announced it plans to cut 800 jobs nationwide by the end of the year. For Entergy’s nuclear operations in the Northeast, pink slips will go out at Westchester County-based Indian Point, Pilgrim, and Vermont Yankee.

The layoffs are across the board at Entergy, numbering 800, or about 6 percent of the workforce. Terry Young is a spokesman for Entergy Corporation’s nuclear operations. He says the layoffs on the nuclear side come amid a restructuring of all of Entergy’s nuclear plants. Layoffs, or, as Young puts it, workforce reductions, will be of the following size for Entergy’s two plants in New York.

There also will be cuts at Entergy’s nuclear plants in Plymouth, Massachusetts and Vernon, Vermont.

He says no layoffs at any of the nuclear plants have yet begun, but would be completed by the end of the year. He adds that, longer term, Entergy will incorporate attrition into its restructuring. Young says the cuts would not be concentrated in particular areas.

When asked for specifics, Young replies:

Laurence Gottlieb is president and CEO of Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation, based in Orange County. He says the energy sector in the Northeast has taken a hit, but other sectors of the economy are growing, including in the Hudson Valley.

He says there could be an opportunity for crossover from energy to health care, depending upon the person’s experience.

Entergy’s Young emphasizes that cuts will not impact safety and security.

Nearly one-third of the Entergy-wide cuts will be in Louisiana. Another restructuring from another company recently hit the Hudson Valley and Vermont as well. IBM layoffs announced in June numbered close to 700 in Dutchess County, and more than 400 in Vermont. IBM’s restructuring is global and impacts other sites in the Northeast.

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