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Kingston Voters Okay Sofie Finn STRIVE Proposition

Steven Depolo/Flickr

KINGSTON – Voters overwhelmingly approved the sale of Sofie Finn Elementary School in Kingston to SUNY Ulster for $300,000. The school will be transformed into an urban satellite campus. 

The proposition's unofficial tally was 2,784 for and 570 against.

The building, between Benedictine Hospital and the area High School in Kingston's 9th Ward, was closed last year by Kingston City School District officials. Re-use of the facility is a key component of Ulster County Executive Michael Hein's tax-saving S.T.R.I.V.E. project – Strategic Taxpayer Relief through Innovative Visions in Education.

"It means better education and better government for less money," said Hein. "There's multiple components to this." 

Details are on the county website.

"We're looking forward to creating an educational corridor right in the heart of Kingston, and this is a critical part of making that a reality," Hein said.

Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino was pleased with the way the vote turned out.

"It's a win across the board," Palidino said. "The possibilities are endless with what we can do."  

Other buildings approved for liquidation include Anna Devine Elementary School in Rifton, and Zena Elementary School north of the city.

The 2013 budget easily passed, at $146 million.

"Actually, it's a pretty low turnout this year, maybe about half of what we had last year," Padalino said.

District president Matt McCoy and Rev. Arthur Coston won reelection to the school board along with write-in candidate Kathy Collins.