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Sullivan County Upgrades 911 Communications

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BETHEL – The Sullivan County 911 center will upgrade its communications system with a grant from the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.

County Commissioner of Public Safety Richard Martinkovic said the funds will allow for the county to buy a new 911 emergency telephone system at its facilities in Bethel and a new backup system at Liberty State Police, as well as new recording equipment for all calls and radio communications.

“This grant from the state for just short of $800,000 puts us in shape to get at least the heart of our system replaced and that in tune with getting the radios and the towers updated will bring us well above what we need to do and will help with our total radio operability among the various agencies,” Martincovic said.

The cost of the total emergency services communications upgrade, which will allow all agencies to talk directly to one another, is $10.2 million.