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NYS Attorney General Announces Post-Sandy Price Gouging Cases


The New York State attorney general is suing four gas stations in and around New York City, alleging price gouging in the days following Hurricane Sandy. He also announced settlements with a few dozen others, including stations in the Hudson Valley.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the lawsuits and settlements are part of an ongoing probe of high gasoline prices in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. He says gas prices in these cases immediately following the storm ranged from $4.05 to $5.39. That’s per gallon for regular. Suits were filed against three gas stations on Long Island and one in Brooklyn. Schneiderman says the monetary settlements for price gouging with 25 gas stations total more than $167,000. Among the stations in the settlements were three in the Hudson Valley: a Citgo station in Rockland County’s Spring Valley, and two Shell stations in Yonkers, in Westchester County. He says investigations are pending against dozens of other gas stations.

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