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Ulster County Public Safety Advisory Committee begins its work

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KINGSTON – A new Ulster County Public Safety Advisory Committee has been formed in response to the tragedy in Newtown with the goal of making recommendations to prevent any incidents locally.

The group will address five topic areas – identifying ways in which to identify individuals who are at risk of causing violence; identifying ways in which those individuals can be helped; identifying other ways to prevent violence; examining how drug abuse and drug-related crimes can be reduced; and identifying ways in which to protect people in public places.

County Legislator Mary Wawro chairs the advisory committee and she said one can never be too careful in this day and age when dealing with children.

“You really don’t know if your child is going to somebody’s house and there are guns in the house, and I have always recommended to parents before they let their children go to anybody’s house find out how they feel about certain things, because sometimes, they don’t have the same thought process as you do in protecting your kids and guns are one of the things where a lot of tragedies happen,” Wawro said.

The committee is comprised of county legislators, town officials, law enforcement and representatives of community organizations.