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Congressional Reps Introduce Bill About Tick-Borne Illnesses

Photo by Scott Bauer (USDA ARS)

A New York Congressman is re-introducing legislation to address tick-borne illnesses.

Congressman Chris Gibson is introducing bipartisan legislation to establish a federal Tick-Borne Diseases Advisory Committee. The Committee would be tasked with improving communication among federal agencies, medical professionals, and patient advocates to ensure that a broad range of viewpoints is considered in public health-policy decisions. The bill also requires that the information disseminated to the public and physicians be balanced. Gibson points out there has been great concern over the past several years that certain analyses and opinions regarding chronic Lyme Disease have been withheld from patients, doctors, and insurers. The Republican’s 19th Congressional District includes counties where Lyme disease runs rampant, such as in Columbia, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties. Gibson says there needs to be better testing to earlier detect Lyme disease.