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NRC Licensing Board to Hold Evidentiary Hearing on Indian Point Relicensing


The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel will conduct an evidentiary hearing starting on Monday, October 15 to address 10 technical and environmental challenges to the pending Indian Point nuclear power plant license renewal application.

The application was submitted by Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., the owner and operator of the plant in Buchanan.

The issues to be considered were raised by three intervenors – New York State, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and Riverkeeper. Several governmental bodies have also been granted status as participants in the proceeding.

The three judges that will conduct the proceeding will hear testimony from expert witnesses and then issue a ruling at a later date.

Among the issues to be addressed include Entergy’s aging management program for flow-accelerated corrosion; concerns over the decontamination and clean-up costs of a severe accident in the New York metro area; the analysis of the cost of human exposure to radioactivity in the case of a severe accident; analysis of the impacts of license renewal on property values near Indian Point; and impacts from spent fuel pool leaks.

The hearings, to be held at the Double Tree Hotel at 455 South Broadway in Tarrytown, will be held over the course of several weeks. The October 15 session will begin at 1 p.m.